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Sergio Maltagliati CV

Sergio Maltagliati CV

I found out about Sergio Maltagliati’s work while researching into Pietro Grossi, the legendary father of Italian music informatics. We had decided to dedicate an exhibition to him at Ivrea, in conjunction with the “Musiche Possibili” association.
My overview of Sergio Maltagliati’s work would have to start from that particular visual angle – the ties and associations with the works of the great Florentine ‘master’.
Sergio Maltagliati is compared with Pietro Grossi mainly due to the central role of the “BIT” to his work. Digital technology is not only the source of his tools, but also a way of setting essential new boundaries and making bold changes that make the forms and musical invention of the past seem dated and dangerously conservative, like worlds of sound that have lost all relation to life and reason for being. His work is undoubtedly “experimental”, although not in the academic sense of the term. He wished to offer new “experiences” of reality; he was aware that the world is now, more inevitably, perceived through the medium of digital technology.
Since 1997 Sergio Maltagliati has dealt principally in music on the Internet and one of his first compositions intended for the network, netOper@, was based in fact on an idea of Pietro Grossi. Like much of his work, it is clear that the emphasis is not on the traditional introspective search for musical language. The sense of the work is not to be found in its pure acoustic result. This might seem paradoxical, but the acoustic result is not the key or, perhaps, the most important feature of this work. Such an approach inevitably connects the work of Sergio Maltagliati with that of Pietro Grossi. Our attention is drawn to the artistic potential of the technology – the Internet.
Another essential aspect to Sergio Maltagliati’s approach is the idea that art is not just the fruit of the composer all alone in his ivory tower. In truth, this concept of the tower has always come across as more of a convenient and, at times, lucrative simplification, than the actual reality. The creation is always the fruit of collaboration. It is a shared effort. The author is not the ingenious creator; he is a modest inventor of limited powers. The work arises out of collaboration and cooperation. Two of his works are strongly based on this concept: neXtOper@_1.03 (a work for mobile phones) and midi_Visu@lMusiC (music and images on I-Mode mobile phone).
The work is open to collaboration not only in the way it is organized but also in terms of its evolution. Sergio Maltagliati’s work is therefore about randomness, which is exploited and given an aesthetic value. Randomness is attributable to music automatically generated by algorithms and self-designed programs, as well as to the fact that the work permits the autonomous decisions of collaborators, musicians and Internet surfers.
(Luca Cartolari)

A/V interactive compositions on the NET by Sergio Maltagliati

Beginning with netOper@ in 1997, Sergio Maltagliati has created works on the Internet that combine audio and video elements into an intriguing interactive Internet experience. As far as a formal education, Maltagliati studied music at the Conservatory “Luigi Cherubini” in Florence, Italy. Shortly after he finished his education at the Conservatory he began to paint. He then created his own style of combining the two practices into interactive web sites where the viewer is invited to compose a unique work by simple mouse manipulations. Maltagliati often collaborated with a famous electronic music professor from Italy named Pietro Grossi. Grossi was the first person to introduce the infamous experimental musician from America, John Cage, to Italy in 1964. In 1965 Grossi was offered the first professorship teaching electronic music in Italy. The professorship was at the Conservatory in Florence where Maltagliati later attended.

This relationship manifested itself into netOper@ in the spring of 1997. The work was the first interactive web experience coming from Italy at the time, which to me really dates the project. To be the first to do anything is this world separates you from everybody else trying to accomplish that same task. It separates you in the way of being able to overstep the mental boundaries of disbelief, which many artists fall victim to. The experience that netOper@ brought to the web was fantastic; the “viewer” is transformed into the “doer”. Even if you are a three year old blasting away at the mouse you would be able enjoy the experience of this net art. On the other hand, if you approach the screen with the intent of creating your own dynamic composition, that is possible too.

The later works of Maltagliati went on to some more interactive pieces, but this time they involved cell phones. These where not as impressive given the capabilities of cell phones at the time, but nonetheless still challenged what was being done with current technology and it was involving the community on a large scale (just an early version of the recent invitation we received to be a part of the “Vectorial Elevation” collaborative light exhibition). This, to me, is extremely important. We have this technology that is supposed to make communicating easier through digital means. Many of us are using this digitization to confine our voices within a small, enclosed environment and not allowing it to really expand our social network. These projects, that can be found here at Maltagliati’s website area a great example of the ideal capabilities inherent in communication technology. At the time the state of the art cell-phone technology was the imode, which you can read about here-

This technology was developed in 1999 and was a sort of foundation for the common 3G networks we experience today.

After expanding his horizons, Maltagliati reunited with Grossi and created Circus 4 and Circus 8. These two projects are visually more interesting for me engage in because they were using the much larger audio and visual capabilities of the PC. All of these projects can be found at the site listed above and you can develop your own opinion of the work. (from NetLISP a visual exploration of internet privacy issues raised by in/security inherent with the medium).


Sergio Maltagliati (1999)



based in a town near Florence, Italy


SERGIO MALTAGLIATI is an Italian Internet-based artist, works as a visual music composer and new media artist.

EDUCATION: Degree Conservatory of Music "Luigi Cherubini" and School of Art in Florence.
PROFESSIONAL: at present teacher professor, Middle State School of Music.

Maltagliati has always been deeply interested in a multimedia concept of art. His education, in both music and the visual arts, has placed him in the position to incorporate sign, colour, and sound into a unitary concept of multiple perception, through analogies, contrasts, stratifications, and associations.

In 1985 he made (with the painter Edoardo Salvi) a work for music, art of mime and zoo-anthropomorphous pictures entitled "Musica intorno alla Gabbia" (Music around the cage) whit 170 performers-actors.Aftewards, the visual and sonorous environment has been rebuilt at the "Spedale degli Innocenti" in Florence.

In 1986 he prepared an art exhibition called "Veder Sentire" (Seeing hearing), and following year at the Public Library of Monsummano he made "Viaggio tra suoni a colori" (Trip between sound and colours).

In 1989 he raised (with the painter Andrea Dami) "Revolution" a gigantic collage-score with a size of 96x48 m. involving 240 childrens as painters.

In 1990 at the "Teatro Manzoni" in Pistoia the first night of "K1-626M" for chorus-orchestra-tape and objects had place, transforming Mozart works in words-sounds-noises and colours. In 1991 he meets John Cage.

Since 1996 he is involved also (as a teorician and as an artist) in visual/music interactive webbased project.

Work in updating from 1997 and 2002: netOper@ e neXtOper@,
netOper@ is online from 1997. The opera is an audio and visual work, with real and virtual on-line performaces. You are invited to participate by contributing original audio/visuals... netOper@ is based on flash interactivity audio/visual that you can play, to interact, you should position your mouse pointer over various parts of the drawing. NeXtOper@ It is “in progress” for the Web and GSM networks with cellular phones.

Now he uses a personal computer to set up interactive works, and programming new automated and generative visual-music software.

University Thesis:

SELF-THINKING AND SELF-LEARNING: DESIGNING A PERSONAL TOOL FOR MAKING VISUAL MUSIC by Jingyi Lai (Fairy) OCAD University Master of Design in Inclusive Design Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 2016.

Cómo la música puede ser representada sin utilizar sonido- Paolo di Marco, Alessia Spadaccini.

SCUOLA TRIENNALE DI MUSICOTERAPIA di Genova, tesi laurea anno scolastico 2013/14 di Francesco Piccardo.

Anno accademico 2009/2010
(...)“La sperimentazione elettronica e mediale in Italia: da Pietro Grossi a Sergio Maltagliati”.

Diplomando: Alessandro Lazzarin
Relatore: Prof. Nicola Bernardini
Anno Accademico 2009-2010.

Facoltà di Architettura "La Sapienza", Roma. Corso di disegno industriale a.a.07|08 - Salvatore Gerardi e Fabio.

Rachel KirkwoodResearch Services Librarian
University of Manchester Library.

Autoria Carlos Alves | António Sobrinho e João Paulo (Fluxos e Arte Digital) História das Artes Visuais Contemporâneas Pedro Coutinho Martins Colaço Rosário" " Curso de Licenciatura em Comunicação e Multimédia" Escola de Ciências e Tecnologia?Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro" " 2013-2014".

Exhibitions, Projects, Publications, Solo Shows / Performance:
























P. Grossi: ARTE e/o COMPUTER

Centro per l'Arte Contemporane PECCI - Prato (Italy) generated live Visual Music exhibition

Music...for Romano Rizzato's painting

CIVICO 8 GALLERY- Pescia (Italy) performance


MACRO PELANDA FACTORY - Roma (Italy) exhibition


Onassis Cultural Center, University of Athens, Institute for Research on Music & Acoustics publication/exhibition

Synaesthesia 3 History of the Senses

Art Laboratory Berlin generated LIVE performance
Inquietudini nella modernità Conservatorio di Musica "Luigi Cherubini" - FLORENCE video/performance
Collage JukeBox 4.04 Centre National d'Art Contemporain, Villa Arson, Nice - France Listening Post
COLOR SEQUENCER < Live Performance Quantum Bit Netlabel, Cuneo / London performance
SGUARDI SONORI 2011 Palazzo Orsini Bomarzo - ( VITERBO) ITALIA exhibition
Oper@pixel < Live Performance Quantum Bit Netlabel, Cuneo / London performance
PNEM SOUND ART FESTIVAL * Sound** Video*** Live act ///Uden / Paesi Bassi
Verde Bianco Rosso happening for the 150 years of the Unity of Italy Genova (Italy) exhibition
Sguardi Sonori 2010 "infinite spaces" - Museo della Civiltà Romana - Roma (Italy) exhibition
TWEAK - digital art festival Church Gallery Space - Limerick School of Art and Design (Ireland) Listening Post
C - MiniVideoArt Festival C - MiniVideoArt Festival Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery - Atlanta (USA) exhibition
NewMediaFest'2010 Global Heritage of Digital Culture - Cologne (Germany) review
MAGMART Magmart the full screening_PAN Palazzo delle Arti Naples(Italy) participation
The Lower Manhattan Project "Figura" Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada) review
Art in Mobile Gallery Galerie De Meerse" - Hoofddorp (Amsterdam) exhibition
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Ad Libitum. Musica da vedere Interazioni tra musica e arte, Bayreuth (Germany) exhibition
Universitat Oberta Catalunya-Spain review
COMM 328 Bethany College Dept. of Communication, Bethany, West Virginia USA interview art and Javamuseum: Germany participation
NO-ORG.NET Jerusalem art experimental projects exhibition
MEETING CLUB Pescia (PT) Italy permanent exhibition performance/exhibition
Sound Art Museum Sound Projects Roma (It) installation
WB05 Contemporary Art Museum - Istanbul exhibition
Libretto Digitale Galleria di Palazzo del Carmine, Caltanissetta - Italy exhibition
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First musical experiences.... “Gialdino Gialdini Musical Band” concerto