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Sylvia Leidi The Waves of the Wreck of the Deutschland by Gerard Manley Hopkins movie 

Barbara Asproni   images

Giuseppe Randazzo  Lastraluna image

  Manuela Corti  Web Land  image

Reiner Strasser   Ridi   sound and text

Yvonne Carter  images

Marketta Leino   image

Phil Jackson  images    sounds: Fractal Opera Z HorizonEvent QuasiFractal Jazz

John Dunn  Collagen1   sound MP3

Marcella Chelotti   images

Marcello Mazzella  image

Giovanni Saini  images

Caterina Davinio   image

Marco Cavicchioli   Little Moment   sound

Elias Rodrigues de Oliveira   fem4f  image

Steven Marton     image

Richard Arfsten    images

bpk#3 sounds    God- Redchef-Sound

Allen H. May    soundEffects 

David Camp  Priestess  image

Secular Hypnosis sample2  sound

Pietro Grossi sounds

Robert Downing   image 

Per Ola Juusola  Tatatata  sound - Image

Giampaolo Guerini   Impossible spacescape  sound  

Slawek Wojtowicz image

Ren Schroeder BigBrother image - sound Acid00

Giovanni Cavallini--images--

 Lee Roskin images

Chris Boucher    image

Brad Brace     isbn project-ascii

Suely Farhi     movie-desejo

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