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is an new interactive work for the Web from Italian composer Sergio Maltagliati and Pietro Grossi, on-line from 1997. The interactive work will be presented simultaneously in real and cyberspace.

The Opera is an audio and visual work, and you are invited to participate by contributing original audio/visuals...

"If you want to express your ideas, experiences, and feelings in music and images, you can help to create the Opera."


is looking for audio and visual contributions from online participants. Material submitted may be incorporated into the Opera performances as well as in future on-line versions of the Opera.

If you have a still or animated visual, or sound file not larger than 500k, you are welcome to contribute it to this public collage. You can send your original sound and image files attached to email to:<>

The Interact_section______________contains netMusical Instruments for home use and for direct participation in the live Opera. You can download the necessary program files and run interactive visual interfaces to music and sound on your home system. You can also send data from your own performance directly to the Net Opera live performances -- live, physical performers will stop periodically to invite virtual Internet performers to take over...

"We encourage all of our Web audiences to participate in as many ways as they can."
During the performances, you can access the netOper@ site and play a net Instrument (with a visual interface, music, and sound). Your performance will be sent to the Net Opera servers, where it will be processed in real time and performed for a live audience.

More information

about the netOper@ can be found at the Web site, plus Net instrument downloads, mailing list to receive information on developments and upcoming performances, contact, etc......


S2FM, acronym for "Studio di Fonologia Musicale di Firenze"
1963, Grossi's laboratory (named S2FM, acronym for "Studio di Fonologia Musicale di Firenze") in Via Capodimondo, Florence.
INVITATION realized by Pietro Grossi for the evening January 27 th 1997 to the presentation of the work (and execution of netOper@) of Sergio Maltagliati in the street Capodimondo, Florence.
INVITATION realized by Pietro Grossi

Subject: Re: Evenings in Via Capodimondo, Florence
From: Marcella Grossi
Sent: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 21:44:05 +0100
To: Sergio Maltagliati

Dear Sergio,
I am delighted to hear that the evenings in Via Capodimondo Florence,
where Pietro Grossi has created in 1963 the the Studio di Fonologia S2FM. In 1965 Grossi decided to donate his instruments to the Music Academy "Luigi Cherubini" and to pursue there his activity, creating the first class of Electronic Music in Italy.
Are pleasant memories for you: It was Pietro’s idea and I agreed enthusiastically. His task was to do the program, create, and send out the invitations, very original without a doubt. My much more banal task was to feed the guests on more than art. Of the artistic friends who generously participated, I’ll never forget Enore Zaffiri who came from Turin one evening to share his work.
You have participated in 1997 and in 1999 for the presentation of netOper@.
Aside from their pleasant, convivial nature, those meetings were micro-models of what public organizations could do: to provide information on what is happening in the arts, to stir up debate etc. Unfortunately, the financing (little) for culture is often destined for projects managed by ‘lip service’. As a good Florentine who adores her city this irritates me and seems to be a betrayal of the lessons of the Renaissance and, thus, its history.

Warm regards,
Marcella Chelotti Grossi

email sent to Sergio Maltagliati from wife of Pietro Grossi.